How do I cancel my service(s)

In order to cancel a service, you must be the account holder or have prior permission from the account holder. This is the person or company that set up the account.

You can request the cancellation of the service by emailing our support team. The email must originate from the account holder's registered email address on our system. You must include the following information:

  • Account Name
  • The account you wish to close (or phone number in the case of broadband).
  • Confirmation of the date that you wish the service to end.

All cancellations must be outside of the minimum contract period and 30 days prior notice is required.

Once we receive and approve the cancellation request, we will raise a final invoice and request payment from your usual payment method. Please do not cancel any direct debits or continuous card authorisations until the final invoice has been paid. If you do cancel the direct debit, additional collection charges could be incurred.

Migrating your broadband to another provider?

Despite your new provider informing you that they will take care of notifying us, you will still need to follow the process above to close your account with Vispa and pay your final bill. Please bear in mind that migrating between ISPs can sometimes incur platform cease charges (for example moving from an Openreach network to Talk Talk LLU network and vice versa). The current cease charge is £32 + VAT and applies to migrations too.