Fibre for Lower Peover - Update!

We are delighted to announce that we've finally begun building our fibre network in Lower Peover!

After months of hard work, we can confirm that work recently commenced, and our teams are working hard installing fibre optic cables around Lower Peover.

Our green cabinet was installed on Foxcovert Lane in March and has already been connected to our main fibre network, ready for the big switch-on in August.

We expect the first 10-20 homes on Foxcovert Lane, Heath Lane & Middlewich Road to be installed and connected the second/third week of August, with Holly Tree Drive, Birchwood Drive, Cherry Walk & Swan Grove to follow shortly afterwards.

For residents who are North of The Crown, we expect our cabling teams to begin work there around October/November time.

My Broadband Voucher - What happens next?

We've already begun applying for gigabit vouchers for anyone who has already placed an order. Some have already received an email from ourselves and BDUK's funding platform.

Please read the email and respond as instructed. You must respond. This allows you a completely free installation, and the combined funds are also used to continue building our fibre network to the rest of Lower Peover. More importantly, those harder-to-reach properties on the outskirts of the village. Every voucher helps us towards achieving 100% fibre coverage!

My existing supplier's contract is coming up for renewal. What do I do?

As we will begin connecting homes very soon, we don't advise you to renew your current contract as you will soon be ready to switch to Vispa's full fibre.

If you are under any pressure to renew or facing increased costs from your supplier, please contact us. We can temporarily switch your existing phone & broadband connection to Vispa's FTTC (copper) network whilst your street is being installed with our fibre cables. Once we're ready, we will switch you to fibre free of charge. We may even save you some money in the short term!

What happens if I am stuck in a contract with my existing provider?

Again, please get in touch. We can assist with exiting your contract using an Ofcom regulation regarding slow speeds. Failing that, we will install your Vispa full-fibre connection and charge you £1 per month until your existing contract ends. (We will require evidence of your contract period and may contact your current provider for confirmation). Have you fully signed up?

Some residents have registered their interest but have yet to commit to a broadband tariff and fully signed up. If you have yet to receive a Vispa welcome email, we would urge you to re-register and complete the signup at:

(Please also share this link with friends and neighbours so they can also benefit from full fibre from £25 per month!)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the fibre network build, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are always happy to assist you.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work towards bringing high-speed internet to Lower Peover.