How does Vispa's Gigabit Fibre Village work?
We will enable villages for Gigabit-capable, fibre to the home with as little as 50 pre-registration. With the help of developers, neighbours and landowners, we will design & build a gigabit fibre broadband service, right to your doorstep. For ease and speed, we prefer to use private land where possible. Vispa will work with your community to find a solution that works for all.
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How much does it cost?
Dependant on the number of homes and businesses subscribing to the service, typical charges are around £40 + VAT per month for a residential user & £70 + VAT for a business. Tariffs will offer speeds from 200Mbps to 10Gbps. Installation fees will either be free of charge (with a DCMS voucher) or £1500 + VAT. We will give a better indication once we confirm how many homes and businesses are interested in your community.
Getting started with
To get started, firstly we will ask you to pre-register by clicking the register button below. We'll ask some basic information.
As part of our design and build, we make use of as much private land as possible. We can connect homes via fields and neighbours land by burying a small 50-60mm fibre pipe. If we can service other neighbours by burying within your land, we will ask you to sign a simple wayleave agreement. We're happy to help bury the cable or you may prefer provide assistance.
Once the fibre pipe has been laid, we'll contact you to arrange your home or business installation. We'll provide your with a new gigabit capable wifi router.
Frequently Asked Questions

Vispa is a registered supplier on the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme which is provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This scheme helps homes and businesses upgrade their internet to 1000Mbps (1Gbps). The scheme helps cover some of the cost of getting fibre optic cables to your door. The funding is to assist with the installation and cannot be used towards the monthly service charges. DCMS will grant up to £500 + VAT per home and £3500 + VAT per business.

Residential properties must not have received funding towards a gigabit-capable service. Businesses must have fewer than 250 employees, annual turn over less than €50 million, a balance sheet less than €43 million and not received more then €200,000 of State Aid in the last three years. (This is the de minimus limit, and it applies to agriculture so most farms will be eligible). The business must not be a subsidiary and/or under the control of a large non-SME entity. The businesses must operate from the premises for which the voucher is being applied (employees working from home are not eligible).

Click on register interest and complete the form. Once completed, your details are in our system, and we will apply for your funding as part of a group project application.

We will request a voucher with DCMS as part of a group project. You will receive an email from DCMS asking for you to confirm that you are happy to go-ahead. This must be validated within 28 days, or the voucher will be cancelled. The work will commence and be carried out by Vispa or a local contractor. Once your service has been installed, DCMS will email you again for confirmation of a live service.

There is no need to retain your landline phone line. If you wish to keep your number, we can transfer it onto a Voice over IP service which allows you to connect a normal phone to your router or take calls on our mobile VoIP app from anywhere.

Once we have enough numbers to fund the project, work will commence immediately. We will survey the area and provide a plan associated costs to DCMS for approval. Typically projects are being approved within 3-6 weeks. Vispa will continue work during this time in preparation to begin the installation. Typically the first properties can be live within 3-4 months if not sooner.

We prefer the funds from DCMS to be directed back towards the local community, so where possible we will ask local contractors to complete the fibre cable installation work under Vispa's guidance and supervision.

If you wish to be involved, we will ask you to provide pricing for any works where a contractor has not already been appointed. Please contact us with your details and skillset.

All properties wishing to join the scheme must commit to a 24-month minimum term contract. If you move home during this period, we allow you to transfer the contract to the new owners/tenants.

If DCMS approve the project and funding, the installation will be free (normally £150). Monthly fees will start from £40 per month for residential 200Mbps and £70 for the equivalent business service. The price varies with the number of initial subscribers. The more we have, the cheaper we can be.

Vispa is a registered telecoms operator with Ofcom and will own and maintain the new infrastructure. Vispa offers competitive broadband & telephone pricing using these cables but will also adopt an industry-standard wholesale pricing model to allow other ISP's to utilise the ducts if they wish to.