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Our Network

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Our Network

Our core network is based in Manchester & London and comprises only the best hardware, including Cisco and Juniper. All our software hosting servers are based on cloud technology and fault-tolerant infrastructure to ensure 100% uptime. Where possible, redundant links are also installed to key network points of presence.

Monitoring & Alerts

At Vispa, we have several monitoring appliances in place to ensure that we're alerted to any incidents so that our network operations team can deal with any faults that arise in a timely fashion.

Our monitoring systems check essential devices and links every 5 minutes and run's 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At the same time, we also collect statistics that enable us to monitor and maintain the quality of service across our network.

We're automatically alerted potential issues such as power outages, battery backups, network performance, configuration changes, authentication errors and device latency & throughput.

Radius server authentication logs are also monitored, which allow us to accurately calculate customers connections and data usage daily. We can also use this data historically to assist in diagnosing a developing fault.