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Vispa's Unlimited Fibre Broadband, is the perfect choice for Superfast Broadband. Built on one of the fastest Fibre networks in the UK, it's the perfect choice for speed & reliability with no risk of additional charges.

Unlimited Fibre Broadband from Vispa is delivered using a network of fibre optic cables which run to your local street cabinet which allows for greater capacity in comparison to what traditional ADSL & ADSL2+ services could offer.

All our packages offer completely unlimited usage so there's no risk of any additional usage charges being incurred. Whether you're a light or heavy downloader, you can rest assured there's no traffic shaping or throttling.

If you choose to move your phone line to Vispa, rest assured we have some of the cheapest calling rates & packages in the UK and no confusing or hidden charges. We use BT Openreach and ensure the same quality and reliability as any other operator.

Why Vispa FTTC?

  • Truly Unlimited
  • No Extra Usage Charges
  • No Traffic Shaping
  • One of the fastest FTTC Networks
  • Free & Easy Switching
  • Superfast UK Network
  • IPv4 Static IP Address
  • Comprehensive Control Panel
  • Premium UK Support
  • Fibre Broadband Only
  • upto 40 / 10 Mbps
    per month
  • Truly Unlimited Broadband
  • Upto 40 Mbps Download
  • Upto 10 Mbps Upload
  • No Traffic Throttling
  • Static IP Address
  • 18 & 24 Month Contracts
  • Choose Plan
  • Fibre Broadband Only
  • upto 80 / 20 Mbps
    per month
  • Truly Unlimited Broadband
  • Upto 80 Mbps Download
  • Upto 20 Mbps Upload
  • No Traffic Throttling
  • Static IP Address
  • 18 & 24 Month Contracts
  • Choose Plan
  • Fibre Broadband & Phone
  • upto 40 / 10 Mbps
    per month
  • Truly Unlimited Broadband
  • Upto 40 Mbps Download
  • Upto 10 Mbps Upload
  • No Traffic Throttling
  • Static IP Address
  • 18 & 24 Month Contracts
  • Choose Plan
  • Fibre Broadband & Phone
  • upto 80 / 20 Mbps
    per month
  • Truly Unlimited Broadband
  • Upto 80 Mbps Download
  • Upto 20 Mbps Upload
  • No Traffic Throttling
  • Static IP Address
  • 18 & 24 Month Contracts
  • Choose Plan

All prices include VAT.
- £30 one-off fiber activation charge charge. Free router however £10 p&p applies.

Why choose Vispa Line Rental?

It's a question we're asked regularly. What is the difference between Vispa's line rental and BT or Talk Talk for example. Technically the answer is there's no difference. It's the same telephone line you're accustomed too, the same telephone number and the same support from BT Openreach.

The main difference is simply the billing. We're cheaper! At Vispa, we firmly believe in simple, transparent pricing. That's why, we don't charge any call connection fees or elevated call charges outside of your free minutes. If you have the time to look into "cheap broadband" deals, you will find that these companies make up for the cheap deal by charging you huge call connection fees.

See for yourself, how our line rental & calls are cheaper!

With our Broadband & Phone Tariff, you can choose to add an Evening & Weekend or Anytime calling pack. For calls outside of your calling pack, call charges will apply and below is an example of our call charges. You can view our full list of call charges here.

Line Rental £16.99 £17.70 £15.95 £15.99
Call Connect or Setup Charge 15.97p 16p 15p 10p
Local or National Call 11.3p 11.5p 9p 7p
Mobile Call 12.77p 11.5p 12p 10p
International (Spain) 40p 20p 29.4p 10p
084/084/087/09 Access Charge
9.53p 5p 9.58p 5p

If you use the phone regular, you'll save a few extra pounds in call charges by adding one of our call packs displayed below. Pre-purchase free evening and weekend or set call allowance packs and save over 50%. Calls made to 01, 02, 03, 0845 & 0870 numbers are free as part of your chosen call pack.

If you don't use your landline that often, you can simply pay for any calls as you go at our 'cheaper than BT' call rates.

You can add a call pack during our signup. You're free to add, remove or upgrade it throughout your contract term.


  • We will give you the best possible Fibre Broadband Speed which is up to 40Mbps download and 10Mbps upload or up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload (depending on your selected plan). You can see your estimated speed from our availability checker.
  • Our Broadband Only tariffs are subject to a minimum contract term. The default minimum contract term is twelve months. A twenty four month minimum contract term is also available at a reduced price. Should the service be ceased or migrated during the minimum contract term a cancellation fee of £75 will be charged plus any remaining monthly charges up to the date which your minimum contract term expires.
  • Our Broadband & Phone tariffs are subject to a minimum twelve month contract. A twenty four month minimum contract term is also available at a reduced price. Should a service be ceased or migrated within the minimum contract period, a cancellation charge of £75 will be charged plus any remaining monthly charges up to the date in which your contract expires.
  • Unlimited Usage is subject to a fair usage policy. If we believe your usage trend over a period of three months is more than five times of our customer average we reserve the right to contact you and/or suspend the service however we will notify you first and give you an opportunity to reduce your usage. No charges will be incurred.
  • If you need Fibre Broadband activating on an existing telephone line we will charge £99. If you choose our 24 month minimum contract term, we will reduce this charge to £0.00
  • If you wish to end your agreement and cease or migrate your broadband service and/or telephone line to another provider, a cease charge of £35 will be charged and be payable immediately upon the cease or migration order being placed.

General Conditions

  • Our Home Fibre Broadband & Home Fibre Broadband & Phone tariff's are available to customers in residential premises and are not available to businesses.
  • If there's something wrong with your service and we send an engineer, should the problem be within your premises and beyond the master telephone socket, BT Openreach may at their discretion levy a charge for engineering time and these charges will be passed on to you. For more information on engineering charges, see our terms and conditions page.
  • If we send an engineer at an agreed date & time and the engineer cannot gain access to your premises, a missed appointment charge of £99 will be charged.
  • Our Home Fibre Broadband Only & Home Fibre Broadband & Phone tariffs are available on BT's 21CN & LLU Exchanges Only.
  • If you wish to Move House cease and activation charges may apply in addition to any early termination charges should you be within a minimum contract term. We advise you to speak to our customer support team to find out exact costs to change the service over.

Phone Line

  • For new telephone line installations where both a telephone line and broadband is required, we will charge £99 which includes both the installation and broadband activation. If a stopped line exists in the premises, we will reduce this charge to £69.

All pricing includes VAT.
All the terms above are in addition to our standard terms and conditions which can be found here.
  • Evening & Weekend

  • Add free Evening & Weekend calls to 01/02/03/0845 & 0870 for £1 per month.
  • 300 Anytime Minutes

  • Add 300 Anytime Minutes to 01/02/03/0845 & 0870 for £2 per month.
  • 600 Anytime Minutes

  • Add 600 Anytime Minutes to 01/02/03/0845 & 0870 for £4 per month.
  • Static IP Address

    All our Broadband packages come with a free static IPv4 address.

  • Easy Managed Migration

    Our support team will manage your migration. No need to contact your old ISP.

  • Perfect for Gaming

    High speed, low latency making it perfect for online gaming.

  • 5 Free POP/IMAP Email Boxes

    We'll give you 5 free email addresses for you and your family.

  • New Wireless Router?

    If you choose our 24 month contract, you have the option of a free router. £6.95 P&P applies.

  • Premium UK Technical Support

    Our UK based support team are on hand for your every enquiry.

  • Full VPN Compatability

    Need to connect to work? We support VPN pass-though allowing you to easily connect.

  • Online Control Panel

    Full online control panel to manage your service and view statistics.

  • Free VoIP Internet Phone Line

    Make and receive calls on your free VoIP line with a dedicated telephone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to switch to Vispa?
Super easy! Once you signup, we'll take care of everything and there is no need to contact your old provider. We will do this for you and inform you of your migration date.
I have a new line, can I activate Broadband?
Sure. During the signup, we'll ask you for your existing telephone number. Remember that if you're activating a new or existing line (with no fibre broadband on), there's a charge of £99. If you sign for a 24 month contract, we'll activate it for free.
I need a new line. Can Vispa organise this?
We'd be more than happy to. You can tell us that you need a new line during our signup. If there's a stopped line (socket which has a dial tone but you cannot make calls) in your property we can activate this for £10. If you need a new line entirely, we will contact you shortly after receiving your order with a selection of BT Openreach appointments.
I may be moving soon. Does this make a difference?
Not really but you should be aware that if you are in a contract, there will be early termination fees therefore we recommenced one of our 1 month plans until you move. A line cease charge of £35 will apply when you move as well as activation fees in your new property. Activation fees can be free if you select one of our longer minimum contract terms.
What is a Cease Charge?
Cease fees are a contentious subject and they apply to all ISP's. Let us explain; When you first add broadband to your phone line, you are charged an activation fee. This covers the manual work in BT's exchange to connect your broadband. When a line is ceased, the same work (in reverse) is carried out in the exchange to terminate the broadband service and subsequently a cease fee is raised. If you migrate your broadband away to another service provider who uses the same underlying network as Vispa, the cease fee won't apply but should you move it to a different underlying network provider, the cease fee will automatically be raised. As more and more wholesale network providers are building their own LLU networks in the UK, it's likely that you will be charged a cease fee should you migrate away or cancel the broadband service on your phone line. You can always check with Vispa beforehand.
Where is your support team based?
All our staff are based at our offices in Cheshire and are highly experienced in dealing with every aspect of the services that Vispa provide. We have access to all the necessary supplier tools to enable the resolution of any problem in the quickest time possible without the need to involve a third party.
How fast will my Broadband be?
As with all Broadband services, speed depends on a variety of factors such as distance from the exchange, telephone line quality, internal wiring and choice of router. Our availability checker will give you a good idea on what speed your line is capable of achieving.
Will my router support FTTC?
FTTC uses a VDSL router. If you are upgrading from ADSL or ADSL 2+, you will need to purchase a VDSL or PPPoE router. You may purchase one from Vispa at a discounted rate during the signup or upgrade process.
Is it really unlimited?
There are no limits and no risk of any additional charges. We do however have a fair use policy which is designed to protect our network and fellow users should you decide to download the entire Internet! In the very unlikely event that we think you are downloading too much, we will email you to make you aware and discuss options. We certainly won't charge you anything extra.
Can I upgrade my package?
You can upgrade or downgrade your package once your minimum contract term has expired. During your minimum contract term, you may upgrade your package only. All upgrades and downgrades are carry a plan change fee of £15.
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