Home Broadband

Home Broadband from Vispa is the ideal choice for most. From the average home user through to a heavy downloader, you're covered. All our DSL services are built on Vispa's highly versatile, multi-peered network which means it takes something special to better our overall quality of service.

Divider Features
  • One month contract as standard*
  • Super fast broadband up to 24Mbps
  • Generous daytime transfer limits
  • Unlimited overnight usage
  • Extensive control panel
  • Static IP address included
  • Free VispaTalk VOIP Line
  • Free migration to Vispa
  • Priority UK customer support
  • Five POP3/IMAP mailboxes
  • Vispa email virus & spam scanner
  • No port blocking or shaping
  • Perfect for gaming (PS, XBox, Wii)
  • No hidden exit fees

Divider More Information

Our Customer Control Panel

Our MyAccount control panel allows you to view and change all aspects of your account and services. Keep a track of your monthly/daily usage consumption, manage your telephone calls, billing and more.

How fast will my broadband go?

As with all Broadband services, speed depends on a variety of factors such as distance from the exchange, telephone line quality, internal wiring and choice of router. Our availability checker will give you a good idea on what speed your line is capable of achieving. You can also see the advantages of ADSL2+ in the graph below.

How does usage work?

Our peak hours are between 08:00 and 23:59 and any data uploaded or downloaded during these times will count towards your monthly usage allowance. Any additional usage during peak times will incur a £0.99p per Gb charge. Outside of peak hours (midnight to 07:59) usage is unlimited. You can keep track of your usage by logging into your MyAccount area where you will find extensive daily statistics and usage graphs. We also send a weekly usage statement to your email address just to keep you informed. Any additional usage is calculated and charged on your following month's bill. If you are regularly exceeding your monthly usage allowance you may upgrade at any time.

Is your support based within the UK?

All our staff are based at our offices in Cheshire and are highly experienced in dealing with every aspect of the services that Vispa provide. We have access to all the necessary supplier tools to enable the resolution of any problem in the quickest time possible without the need to involve a third party.

Why are Vispa's telephone calls cheaper than BT?

As Vispa is a wholesale customer of BT, we buy their products and services at discount which enables us to offer better rates to our customers than buying direct from BTRetail. We also try to ensure that there are no hidden costs or miss-leading details.

How do the free evening and weekend calls work?

Calls made to 01,02 & 03 numbers are free of charge for up to 60 minutes between 7pm and 7am Monday to Thursday and from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday.

Will my modem or router support ADSL+ & ADSL2+?

Almost all routers purchased within the last two years will support ADSL2+ however we do recommend that you double check on the manufacturer's website. If you are in doubt, please contact our support team who will be happy to find the information for you. Vispa currently recommend Thomson and Netgear routers which are available to purchase at a discounted rate upon ordering.

I am already a Vispa Broadband customer. Can I upgrade?

Existing customers may upgrade to to this tariff automatically. There is a one-off setup charge of £15 inc VAT.

My line is not with BT and is with an LLU operator.

Should you wish to join Vispa and your telephone line isn't on the BT network, there is a one-off charge of £39.99 to transfer your line back to BT's network.

How long is the contract period for?

Our standard contract term on Home Broadband (without line rental) is one month. If you join Vispa on a half price for three month deal, the minimum contract term is three months. If you transfer your telephone line to Vispa, the contract term is automatically 12 months. Should you transfer your line to Vispa at a later date, the contract period for both your line & broadband will be 12 months from the date of transfer. You may cancel by giving 30 days notice upon the expiry of your minimum contract term.

What is VispaTalk and how does it work?

VispaTalk is a 'phone call over broadband' service from Vispa. You can either use our free VispaTalk PC software with a simple headset, your own VOIP phone or purchase one from www.vispashop.com. We recommend the Siemens Gigaset Cordless Dect & VOIP phone! The advantage of VispaTalk is that telephone calls are far cheaper when made over your broadband. Local and National calls are from as little as 1p & international also starting at 1p.

Cease charges explained...

A cease charge of £29.69 will apply if you either cancel your broadband service (where BT stops broadband), cancel your phone line, or move ISP without using a migration authority code (MAC code). This charge is simply the opposite to the broadband activation charge but should you decide to move ISP, use the MAC key!

Home 2GB £15.00

Home 10GB £18.00

Home 25GB £23.00

Home 50GB £30.00

Optional Extras

Add Line Rental & Free Calls £10.99

WebGuard Protection £2.00

AVG 2012 Internet Security (3 PC) £3.60

8 Static IP Addresses £4.99

1GB Domain Hosting £2.99

1GB Remote Backup £2.99

Caller Display£1.99

Call Waiting£1.99

Voicemail (1571)£1.99

Call Diversion£1.99



£ per month incl. VAT

New customer or upgrading?

Enter your telephone number and postcode below to find out.

Our migration code checker will ensure that you have a valid MAC code.

For a complete list of call destinations and costs per minute click here. Evening and weekend calls are free for up to 60 minutes. For broadband only the contract term is one month, for broadband & phone, the contract period is 12 months.